When it’s time to say Goodbye, we believe it’s really important that the funeral flowers you choose help you express your emotions and reflect your loved one.

This could be a tribute depicting or containing the hat they always wore, the football team they supported, colours to reflect their personality, their favourite flowers, the thing that made them unique…

We think it’s particularly nice if the tribute can ‘live on’ after the funeral and continue to provide comfort and remembrance for the family. Plants, bulbs or seeds have all been used recently as a way to do this. Larger floral tributes can also be re-arranged afterwards into smaller posies of flowers that can then be taken away by family and friends.

Biodegradable, eco-friendly tributes can also be designed.

We are happy to spend time with you discussing your requirements and can do this in the comfort of your own home if you require. Don’t worry if you get upset whilst chatting, it’s completely natural and we will give you the time you need.After deciding on details a no obligation quote will be provided.

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Funeral Flower Etiquette

    Very often just family flowers are requested at funerals now with donations to charity being requested in lieu of other flowers. The closest family flowers usually go on top of the coffin, be it one design or several if space allows. Conveying your emotion through flowers can help with the grieving process and flowers can also be seen as a last gift to the deceased. They provide a focus during the funeral. If there is a request for family flowers only but you feel you want to take flowers, then do, but perhaps consider taking a single flower or a small bunch to pay your respects.

    What happens when I place an order for funeral flowers?

    We will liaise with yourselves and the funeral directors over where you would like the flowers delivered on the morning of the funeral. If it is a very early funeral we will deliver the afternoon before. Sometimes flowers are delivered to the family home and loaded into the hearse there. Or they can be taken to the Funeral directors so that they are in the hearse already.

    What should I write on the card message?

    This is really dependant on your personal beliefs and feelings. You can either write about the deceased or to the deceased. Cards will often be read by others attending the funeral so it is nice to put who they are from. Putting a card on your flowers is not obligatory but if you do want to we’ll always give you extras, as we know it’s so easy to make a mistake or change your mind with words.

    Funeral flowers & Sympathy Flowers?

    Sympathy flowers are sent as a gift to the family who have lost a loved one. They are designed to be displayed in the home, and not usually sent on the day of the funeral.

    Funeral flowers are designed to go to the funeral and travel in the hearse. For this reason they need to be designed to travel securely and some designs (e.g a bouquet in water or a vase) are not suitable. We are happy to help you choose an appropriate design.

    Alison is not your typical florist

    I found The Flower Studio while searching online. And we were so pleased to have found Alison ! The arrangements and flowers were just beautiful and so fresh. She is not your typical florist ! Alison listened to what we wanted and her creativity and passion for what she does certainly shines through. Thank you so much Alison !

    Personal and thoughtful tribute

    Fantastic arrangements. Alison really listens to what you want and then creates the most fabulous displays, that are truly personal and thoughtful, thank you. Highly recommended!

    Passion and dedication

    Alison is so creative and professional in what she loves doing. She has such passion and dedication down to the smallest details. Thank you very much indeed!