Florists choice…?

It’s high time for a new blog, and well to be honest whilst storm Imogen is swirling around outside I’m more than happy to tuck up in front of the computer with a vase of flowers to relieve the screen stress, and have a chat, (even if it is one way…comments gratefully received!)

I use ‘florists choice’, quite a bit through my wedding pricelists as a baseline price and I thought I ought to do some explaining, just so that you understand how this works and why you get a really good deal with it!

Firstly, let me explain a little how flower growing and buying works. For the most part, flowers grown all across the world will be transported immediatley on cutting to huge auction and distribution hubs in Holland, where they will be bid on by wholesale suppliers. The auction clocks for these flowers goes down instead of up, meaning that if you want that particular variety bids go in quick and a higher price is paid for it. Sometimes if there has been damage to a crop or limited quantities of certain flowers are coming through, prices get absolutely giddy, but the wholesalers will bid because they have had an order placed for it. This higher price has to be factored in when quoting for specific blooms. (But isn’t always heart stopping, some flowers keep a nice steady price all year!)

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When you choose ‘FLORISTS CHOICE’ as an option, I will go to the flower market the week of your wedding and choose flowers which match your style, colours and wedding theme, I won’t guarantee specific varieties or flowers, but what I will do is choose the most beautiful blooms to create with. Sometimes new varieties are there, or the most amazing flower which would look stunning against your bridesmaid dresses but we hadn’t considered.

So does this mean you need to worry about what would be used for your flowers? Not at all, I am hugely passionate about creating beautiful flowers that you will love, and usually you get something more amazing than you could ever have imagined. Take a look at some photos of previous ‘florists choice’ bouquets.

Above: Yins florist choice bouquet in Purples, lilacs and ivory.

Above: Emilys florist choice bridal bouquet in Rich autumnal colours. See bridemaids photograph below to see just how well that purple anenome matched their dresses.

Florists choice certainly isn’t for everyone but suits some people, especially if you are on a budget, or don’t want to add to the list of decisions which need to be made whilst planning a wedding!

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